Erasure Strategies 2013

Reworked prints from earlier production

Painted over with black ink from the original printer
Framed print
70x85 cm

Washed off with scouring sponge
Framed print
70x85 cm

During the exhibition a listing is placed on eBay.com offering the entire edition of the original works for purchase:

Entire edition of one work by danish artist Johan Rosenmunthe

Title: ___________

Certificate for the ownership of all 7 prints of this work:
- Edition 1 / 5+2AP
- Edition 2 / 5+2AP
- Edition 3 / 5+2AP
- Edition 4 / 5+2AP
- Edition 5 / 5+2AP
- Edition AP1 / 5+2AP
- Edition AP2 / 5+2AP

You buy the entire edition of this work including the artist prints. You will effectively own all possible versions of this work. You get the high resolution file and a certificate for each print signed by Johan Rosenmunthe.

http://rosenmunthe.com/files/gimgs/th-29_Erasure strategies.jpg