Camping by the Solo River

solo exhibition

Tranen, space for contemporary art
copenhagen, denmark
25 jun – 13 aug, 2016

supported by:
L. F. Foghts fond
The Danish Arts Foundation

1) Memory cards containing photographs from a travel down Bengawan Solo River, Jello made of human urine, Latex mat with sand and pebbles, Display refrigerator

2) Tent, ‘Earth 4’

3) Earth, Torch

4) Fishnet fabric, ‘Kinnasand Lumino’

5) Sand castle reinforced by latex

6) Sound of water with various disturbances

7) Sweat absorbent fabric with Canon printer pigment ink, Full motion TV wall mounts

8) 3M reflective fabric, Silkscreen reproductions of geometric engravings by Homo erectus on Trinil shell, Four different pigment patterns applied by hand, Frames

9) Visitor’s smartphone camera flash used to develop silkscreen prints