LAND: Photographs That Make You Think  —  by Henry Carroll   Abrams   2022
Berørt  —  book about danish art in the new millennium   Strandberg Publishing   2020
Why Photography?  —  a manifesto on and about photography   SKIRA   2020
Pist Protta #82  —  legendary danish art magazine   Space Poetry   2018
At Large magazine  —  nice american fashion magazine
Core, Mantle, Crust  —  exhibition catalogue   Kunsthal Nord   2016
New Scandinavian Photography  —  book about art photography   Black Dog Publishing   2015
FOAM Talent  —  dutch magazine   FOAM   2015
Pothole   art magazine —  Special Collections Press   2016
Deliberate Operations 1 [2]  —  art magazine
Katalog 25.3  —  photo magazine
Pist Protta #73 —  legendary danish art magazine   Space Poetry
Disturber Magazine  —  fashion magazine
Green Soccer Journal —  soccer magazine
Yvi magazine #6 Portrait  —  photo magazine
Objektiv #4 (cover)  —  art photography magazine
Katalog 22.3 (cover)  —  photo magazine
MOTIV #12: Avatar —  magazine



Art Viewer (Hidden in Plain Sight)
Information newspaper (review, Hidden in Plain Sight)
At Large magazine (interview, Tectonic)
Anti-Utopias (feature, Core Mantle Crust)
Weekendavisen (review, Core Mantle Crust)
Current Obsession (feature)
Aperture’s The PhotoBook Review #008 (review, Tectonic Crystal Healing)
FOAM Talent 2015 (interview, Tectonic)
Yet Magazine (review, Tectonic)
Paper Journal (review, Tectonic)
British Journal of Photography (feature, Tectonic)
The New Yorker
NextLevel Magazine (review)
Paper Journal (interview)
SuperMassiveBlackHole Magazine
Self Publish Be Happy
It’s Nice That
Data Gallery
Dust Magazine
Wandering Bears
Lay Flat interview
Atlas Magasin
It’s Nice That Annual Book
Watch magazine (cover)
Chakota magazine
Humble Arts
Le Monde Magazine
Stern und Spielplatz
Ung Dansk Fotografi
Bad Bananas
Soft spot
Landscape Stories 5: Animals
Arte Creative / Picture This
Humble Arts Group show