exhibition and artist’s book

– archival pigment print (200×150 cm)
– poster prints (A1)
– framed inkjet prints (38×57 cm)
– Nexus CCTV surveillance system
– 64 Hammershøj bricks
– plasma monitor
– wallpaper paste
– tripods
– mirror
– laser level
– chalk line

artist’s book published by JSBJ/Etudes in 2011: Élargissements

Johan Rosenmunthe’s installation utilizes an image taken from the Empire State Building down on the roofs of Manhattan and shows printed crops and zooms into that single image. Part of the exhibited images are posters pasted directly to the wall, others are ‘framed installations’ of images. The master image is present but monitored by the Nexus CCTV 4-camera surveillance system along with other parts of the installation. The audience will partake in the surveillance of each other during the show. 64 Hammershøj building bricks placed directly on the preserved floor functions as support for a few frames. A laser level constantly confirms the position of bricks, posters and a single frame. The laser line is extended by a line of chalk. All materials at the show is for sale. (Exhibition at Galleri Format, Malmö Sweden, March 2014)